Zor-Engineers Pvt Ltd Zor Engineers Engineers
asZor Engineers (pvt) ltd designs and builds buildings all over Pakistan.

They have considerable international expertise and lots of local experience.

The CEO Nelson Fukumoto is an experienced Engineer from Brazil. He brings depth of experience in engineering design and expertise in company management.

Technical Director Peter Thew studied and gained engineering experience in Australia before working in UK, USA and Pakistan. He brings specialist design and project management skills to ensure that projects are properly conceived, well designed and soundly constructed.

Zor Engineers employs around 50 local staff with over 600 years of shared experience between them. With a large number of successfully completed projects all over the country, They have demonstrated experience in all types of building in both urban and rural Pakistan.

Having locally experienced staff ensures that our designs are appropriate using good local materials with the equipment available. It also means budgets are accurate and the time estimates account for constraints such as delivery difficulties and harsh climates.

Zor Engineers can deliver the international standards of engineering that clients expect in the budget and context of rural or urban Pakistan.